Steven Pope

Steven Pope is the Founder of My Amazon Guy (MAG), a full-service marketing agency known as the “Wikipedia of Amazon knowledge” that serves 300-plus brands. MAG provides over 1,500 tutorial videos on YouTube, educating hopefuls on how to grow sales on Amazon. Steven helps clients grow through onsite and offsite channels, including SEO, SEM, and social media. With over a decade of experience in corporate marketing and e-commerce, he’s worked for multiple product brands, including serving as the Digital Marketing Manager for APMEX, Inc., which achieved 10 million additional website visits under his direction. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [9:18] How AI is changing Amazon marketing and copywriting
  • [15:00] The most useful aspects and greatest dangers of ChatGPT
  • [20:42] Developing skills for the next generation of Amazon experts
  • [25:59] Amazon’s catalog issues and how to navigate them
  • [30:46] What strategies can mitigate the cost of returns?
  • [37:05] The potential competition of TikTok against Amazon
  • [43:28] Rapid-fire questions with Steven Pope
  • [45:30] Ways to improve your experience with Amazon Seller Support
  • [50:55] What traits are necessary to thrive as an Amazon seller?

In this episode…

Operating as an Amazon seller is increasingly complex, and merchant support on the platform is difficult to find. However, in the current e-commerce space, selling on Amazon is one of the primary ways to be successful. 

While countless people shop on Amazon, there is also an incredible amount of competition, making discovering your product in the sea of competitors challenging. Many evolutions are going on at Amazon, and the landscape is constantly changing, making it even more difficult for sellers. As an expert in all things e-commerce and Amazon, Steven Pope shares his insights and predictions of even more changes on the horizon with talk of mergers and acquisitions and how TikTok may become a chief player in the selling space. Steven explains why finding reputable guidance to help you navigate the e-commerce seller space is crucial. 

In this episode of What The Teck?, Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly are joined by Steven Pope, Founder of My Amazon Guy (MAG), to discuss the current landscape of selling on Amazon and how it’s changing. They talk about emerging technology, how to navigate seller support, why Amazon Prime no longer works as before, and training the next generation of Amazon experts. They also touch on the potential competition for the platform and what the future might look like.

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Episode Transcript:

Steven Pope 0:00

You have to evolve to the market. Otherwise you die, which is kind of the theme of the podcast today, right? Like you got to evolve with the tech. And what the tech happens,

Rolando Rosas 0:09

what to take happen, especially with Amazon, it seems like the pace if you were selling before the pandemic, you could expect major news once a quarter. Now, it seems like it’s coming out once a week, you know, and not just major new things that have big impact on every seller,

Steven Pope 0:26

they’re changing the list uses six systems to a PPC Auction House is you on your storage space, that was a lot of my bingo card, guys. I get it, I knew the system was broken, they had IPI score, and then they had to do restock limits. And both of those don’t even make sense together. So obviously, they had to do something different. But an auction house for storage space. This is going to be a good old boy system, or if it’s gonna be a capitalist system, or somewhere in between maybe a hybrid of all of the above. I don’t know.

Intro 1:05

What, what? Welcome to the What The Teck? Welcome to the What The Teck? Podcast where we talk about business and Office Technology, and put our 20 years of expertise to discussing trends and issues impacting the workplace.

Rolando Rosas 1:21

Hi, there it is Rolando Rosas right here at this desk.

Dave Kelly 1:25

And this is Dave Kelly right over at this desk.

Rolando Rosas 1:28

Awesome. And welcome to What The Teck? everybody today. We have a very, not just very let me just very, very, very, very, very five times very Dave, very special guest joining us, Steven Pope, the Master Guru, when it comes to all things related to Amazon, and Dave, I don’t throw those words around lightly. There’s a lot of folks that they can talk about Amazon that can consult on Amazon, but not all of them are master gurus that have their finger on the pulse like Steven does.

Dave Kelly 2:04

I definitely agree. We got real lucky having Steven Pope on the show today.

Rolando Rosas 2:08

I know I’m grateful for him showing up today. And you know, I just want to jump into something that I saw recently that Amazon is starting to lay people off Dave 18,000. Plus, I just hope that when you know it’s all said and done, we could still get packages over to FBA on time they could process in within a reasonable amount of time and deliver stuff same day or next day I although you know I have my doubts. I order from Amazon all time. And I’m seeing slower and slower delivery times and longer lead times to get stuff out even with Prime.

Dave Kelly 2:46

I hope it doesn’t have too much of a delay. I’m actually waiting on something that I ordered from Prime I need to have it in before my wife’s birthday tomorrow. So come on Amazon.

Rolando Rosas 2:56

Don’t you know that or they got to bring back Jeff Bezos. There weren’t any problems like that when he was running the helm? I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on there in the C suite. But we’ll ask Steven to weigh in on that as well. A bunch of stuff.

Dave Kelly 3:11

Before we bring on our guest. I’m gonna give big props to somebody out there Rolando. Yeah,

Rolando Rosas 3:16

yes. Who’s that? Who’s the big props? Who are we given big props out to today?

Dave Kelly 3:21

Because we’re talking Amazon. Want to talk about one of the Amazon sellers that we had on the show not too long ago. Big props to Seneca Hampton. Not only was Seneca a guest on our show, but he was also a guest on a little well known show on television called Shark Tank. Wow. Really cool guy. So he’s killing it with Amazon. He said, Let it take all types of athletic tape. I love what he’s doing out there. I love his store. I love his approach. I really liked the interview. So if you liked that interview, you can check out that episode and other past episodes on