Connect to your community faster with a more secure network


Whether the weather, guaranteed upload and download speeds


Dedicated connectivity options to meet your needs 


Keep operations going with non-stop protection from cyberattacks


Affordable options that don’t compromise speed or connectivity

Enterprise-grade internet,
zero interruptions

Worry-free streaming and broadcasting without network disruptions, no matter where you are.

Serve your community better with our services – from Internet, Wireless Backup, and Cybersecurity

Up to 10 GBPS - no data caps, just fast internet

24/7 monitoring and US-based customer support

Cybersecurity to protect all your devices on your network

Automatic 4G LTE wireless backup

Having dedicated internet access for your organization allows operations and applications to run smoothly for a consistent end-user experience. You’ll have reliable, predictable, and fast internet no matter where your office is located. Symmetrical download and upload symmetrical speeds for an enhanced experience.

4G LTE wireless internet

Experience uncapped, high-speed wireless internet so your organization keeps running

Get fast internet speeds in remote locations

Cost-effective backup network option

Have internet access in the event of a power outage

Stay connected no matter what

Don’t let network disruptions stop you from serving your community.

Having unlimited 4G LTE wireless internet provides continuous internet services anywhere, even in inclement weather.

Experts when you need them 24/7

Real-time monitoring of cyber threats with our managed services

Withstand potential cyber network threats through our real-time managed services such as identification and mitigation of security threats. With our security experts,
you can create a trusted network.

Always-on threat detection to stay ahead of hackers

Ten global security operation centers whenever you need them 24/7

Advanced cybersecurity to protect all devices on your network

Next-gen technology to keep your data secure

Affordable business broadband

Multiple connection options at low rates to eliminate budget concerns

Improve customer experience with scalable bandwidth

Internet access at difficult-to-reach locations or small offices

Get faster internet on-demand in times of high connection traffic

Deploy broadband as a primary or a backup to your network

For organizations that work in the front lines with communities, having reliable connectivity is vital. Our broadband options are affordable and allow you to continue to serve the people that depend on you the most.

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