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Finding Your Work Fit: Dismantling the 40-HourWork Week

Join Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly in this episode of What The Teck? as they talk with Executive Producer and host of What’s Your Work Fit?, Dan Smolen, about structuring your career around your life. Dan describes productivity paranoia, the benefits of meaningful work, and how American work culture differs from European cultures.

Why The Phone Is Still The #1 Tool In 2023

In the age of digital technology, one might assume that emails and text messaging are quickly phasing out traditional phone communication. Surprisingly, this isn't necessarily true – phones remain a significant part of business operations between organizations and...

Understanding Amazon To Sell and Advertise Effectively

In this episode of What The Teck?, Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly talk with Kevin Sanderson, the Founder of Maximizing Ecommerce, about how to optimize your Amazon business. Kevin explains why Amazon sellers should specialize in one area, when to send external traffic to Amazon, and his thoughts on influencer product marketing.

How to Structure Your Ideal Amazon Business

In this episode of What The Teck?, Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly converse with Kevin King, the host of the AM/PM Podcast, about launching, managing, and scaling a fruitful Amazon business. Kevin explains how Amazon businesses can optimize ChatGPT, why you shouldn’t rely on hacks to structure your seller account, and how sellers can preserve sales.

Using Headphones & Buying Vibes: The Shopping Soundtrack

Have you ever watched a video where the words spoken resonated with you on a deep level? Perhaps it was an advertisement, a product review, or a captivating storytelling moment. In that instant, you felt an undeniable connection, an engagement that drew you closer to...

Evolving Landscape: Crucial Advice and Helpful Strategies for Amazon Sellers

In this episode of What The Teck?, Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly are joined by Steven Pope, Founder of My Amazon Guy (MAG), to discuss the current landscape of selling on Amazon and how it’s changing. They talk about emerging technology, how to navigate seller support, why Amazon Prime no longer works as before, and training the next generation of Amazon experts. They also touch on the potential competition for the platform and what the future might look like.

How To Be an Independent, Customer-Focused Sales Representative

In today’s episode of What The Teck? Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly sit down with the Founder of Business & Bourbon, Ronnell Richards, to discuss creating a customer-focused sales business. Ronnell explains how to utilize technology effectively by leveraging business fundamentals, how to establish authority as a young minority sales manager, and the crucial elements of the sales funnel. 

Adapting Your Leadership Style for Remote Work

Join Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly in this episode of What The Teck? as Steve Cadigan returns to share strategies for adapting to the evolving work world. Steve explains how to create a culture in hybrid and remote work environments, the dilemma of corporate America, and leadership’s impact on company culture.

Avoid Mistakes in SMS Marketing: Essential Do’s and Don’ts

Welcome to the world of SMS marketing, where businesses can leverage direct communication to engage with their audience. SMS marketing is a game-changing strategy in today's fast-paced digital landscape. It offers immense benefits by reaching customers instantly and...

Best Practices for Improving the Contact Center Experience

Join Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly in today’s episode of What The Teck? as they sit down with Brandon Knight, Zoom’s Head of Global Channel Customer Experience, to discuss enhancing the contact center experience. Brandon explains the importance of providing call center agents with data and technology, Zoom’s customer interaction efforts, and how businesses can maintain exceptional customer service in remote work environments.

SMS Marketing: Craft Engaging Campaigns for Customer Delight

As technology continues to advance, SMS marketing has become a game-changer for businesses seeking to connect with customers and foster enduring relationships. By leveraging its direct and instantaneous nature, SMS enables companies to cut through the digital noise...

Facilitating Broadband Capabilities To Address Communal Concerns

Join Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly on this episode of What The Teck? as they interview telehealth and broadband activist Craig “CJ” Settles about deploying broadband networks in communities. CJ talks about AI’s adoption in healthcare, community efforts to establish broadband action teams, and how to educate communities about broadband technologies.

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