Aron Sogi

Aron Sogi is a TikTok content creator sharing daily video and smartphone content creation tips. He has 13 years of experience in the film industry, having worked on prominent films, including The Dark Knight Rises, Murder on the Orient Express, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Aron Sogi shares his experience transitioning from the film industry to TikTok content creation
  • The challenges of conveying video messages in different mediums
  • How businesses should consider social media content creation
  • Does your first TikTok video affect viewership?
  • Aron explains how to use TikTok Promote and analytics tools
  • What is the 10% rule?
  • Three attention-grabbers for boosting engagement on TikTok
  • Aron’s notable videos and favorite content creators

In this episode…

Do you have what it takes to be a professional content creator? 50% of TikTok users exit a video within the first two to three seconds. So, how can you optimize content to maximize engagement?

According to TikTok content creator Aron Sogi, you have to meet your audience where they are and customize content for different platforms. Instagram is an aesthetic-focused platform, so users expect artistic photos and videos. Conversely, TikTok users are interested in the process rather than the results so, to retain them, it’s crucial to implement three attention-grabbing hooks within the first few seconds of each video. These entail establishing the ideal audience, communicating the problem, and creating curiosity. Aron says that framing these hooks with a negative connotation can encourage audiences to keep watching and take action.

In today’s episode of What The Teck?, join Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly as they chat with content creator Aron Sogi about optimizing video content for various audiences. Aron shares the challenges of creating video messages in different mediums, how to use TikTok Promote and analytics tools, and three attention-grabbers for boosting engagement on TikTok.

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:00  

Hi welcome to the What The Teck? podcast where we talk about business and Office Technology and put our 20 years of expertise to discussing trends and issues impacting the workplace.

Rolando Rosas  0:26  

This podcast is brought to you by Global Teck Worldwide your Technology Office experts that’s been around for 20 years providing trusted, personalized office IT solutions check them out at That’s still paying

Dave Kelly  0:48  

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Rolando Rosas  1:07  

And welcome back to What The Teck? I’m Rolando. And as always, on this podcast, we talk about where business intersects technology. And we like talking to folks that are at the forefront of technology issues. And today joining me for one of our special podcasts is Aron Sogi, who is a content creator on Tiktok. Ian has a lot to say on what it takes to be successful on the platform. But before we get to Aron, I want to bring out my friend co host and colleague Dave Kelly

Dave Kelly  1:45  

Rolando, I got a question for you. Yeah, you bought you said that you bought a new charcoal grill this summer? Yes. stating what year we’re going to cook. Have you used it. And what did you cook? What did you grill?

Rolando Rosas  1:59  

You know, I would love to say I grilled a big old tomahawk steak and whatnot. But you know, every weekend right now, since I told you about that grill it we’ve had either a rainy weekend, or it’s been extremely hot and uncomfortable and humid to actually be outside and have that fire and smoke all over your face. So I’m waiting for a little bit cooler weekend. So I can crank up that grill, throw a big tomahawk steak or a big half Chicken and Barbecue the thing out of it. Man, I

Dave Kelly  2:31  

hope you get that thing up and running nothing worse than buying a toy and not playing with

Rolando Rosas  2:35  

I’m dying man, I see it. And I’m just like, oh, I want to I want I’ve got I got really good charcoal ready to go. I got like a little mini charcoal Firestarter thing I’m waiting to like pour it in and do all that stuff and marinate the meat and all that good stuff. So I can be like, Finally, maybe maybe here in the next couple of weekends, we’ll get some break from this heat and rain and I can break it out.

Dave Kelly  3:03  

All right, well, I’m gonna hold you to doing some recording, we’ll create some content.

Rolando Rosas  3:07  

Yes, you know, maybe we bring our back my guest and we can we can do a collab around barbecuing and how to do that properly and maybe do it. Aron style, you know, maybe we’ll create something. He has some really good stuff on his on his tiktoks. And I’ve been watching him for quite some time. And it’s evolved. It’s not the same style. And that’s why I’m so curious to talk to him because you can’t stay static. And he’s got all kinds of pointers, get all kinds of tutorials. I watch him all the time. And he’s become even more entertaining. If I could say that, and he’ll kind of come out and tell us a little bit about what that is, you know his let’s talk style. So but I don’t want to steal his thunder Dave. Let me tell. Let me tell you a little bit about Aron Aron. Let me first of all, give me a second here. Okay. Aron, has 13 years of experience in the film industry. And he’s worked on films such as The Dark Knight Rises, great movie, Murder on the Orient Express. Star Wars episode eight, The Last Jedi. He’s amassed close to 300,000 followers on Tiktok which is nothing easy to do. He’s an all around great guy. He is an entertainer, a content creator, and then some but I’m gonna let him tell you in his words. Let’s welcome to the What The Teck? podcast. Aron Sogi. Thanks, Aron. Yeah,