Stephen Pope

Stephen G. Pope is the Founder and CEO of SGP Labs, which helps businesses create, scale, and distribute persuasive video content to build an audience. He helps busy people and organizations build automated content systems through coaching, consulting, and done-for-you solutions. Before SGP Labs, Steven founded and sold Project Ricochet, where he helped startups, mid-sized, and large companies create custom software to innovate, streamline, and grow their companies.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Stephen G. Pope shares how he got started in social media marketing
  • The importance of storytelling in content creation
  • How social media content creation encourages confidence
  • Stephen addresses the major barriers to content creation
  • Tips for generating and optimizing short-form content

In this episode…

Video content creation is necessary for audience retention, yet many people feel insecure on camera, while others don’t have time to put in the effort. With so many content forms and mediums and seemingly a lot to learn, what are some best practices for creating engaging content?

If you’re short on time, Stephen G. Pope suggests appearing on podcasts. If you spend between two and three hours a week recording video interviews, you can repurpose the content for short-form TikTok videos. Even though longer podcasts may not receive many views, the condensed versions you share on social media will engage audiences on multiple platforms. The more videos you create and share, the more confidence you’ll gain. Eventually, you can generate fresh content that showcases your personality and conveys a meaningful story.

Tune in to this episode of What The Teck? as Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly speak with Stephen G. Pope, Founder and CEO of SGP Labs, about modern-day content creation. Stephen explains the importance of storytelling in content creation, how social media content creation encourages confidence, and tips for generating and optimizing short-form content.  

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:00

Welcome to the What The Teck? podcast where we talk about business and Office Technology and put our 20 years of expertise to discussing trends and issues impacting the workplace.

Rolando Rosas 0:26

This podcast is brought to you by Global Teck Worldwide your Technology Office experts that’s been around for 20 years providing trusted, personalized office IT solutions check them out at That’s 

Dave Kelly 0:48

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Rolando Rosas 1:07

And welcome to What The Teck? I’m Rolando, the founder of Global Teck Worldwide. And on this podcast, we discuss Office Technology and the pressing issues that affect the workplace. And as always joining me on the podcast is my co host, Dave Kelly.

Dave Kelly 1:24

Rolando. It’s great to see you happy official summer. I’m working on my tam looks like you’re too.

Rolando Rosas 1:32

Well, you know, Dave, we’re here to talk about Stephen Pope. Stephen Pope works with businesses to build online content machines. And he uses it through his company SGP Labs, and he helps them create systems that can be put in place so that your content can flow on autopilot. I got a lot of questions about that, that I want to ask him around that. And you know, I came across his videos watching TikTok almost a year ago, and I gotta say I mesmerized by his style, his West Coast flair, his personality on camera. You know, a lot of people Dave said that you shouldn’t really, you know, you shouldn’t really put a lot of your person your person into it. And now people are saying no, and TikTok has changed the game. And I want to ask him about that. And how’s it going? So let’s bring him out. So he could tell us more about it out of the green room Stephen Pope.

Stephen G. Pope 2:24

What’s going on guys. Nice to be here.

Rolando Rosas 2:26

Thanks for joining us today. Stephen. I’m glad you joined us. You know, I talked a little bit about TikTok. And in your wonderful videos, you’ll tell us a little bit about yourself. And that journey because I know everybody’s got a story on how they came to be on TikTok or how they starting their social media presence. Tell us a little bit about that. And how you got there.

Stephen G. Pope 2:46

Yeah, so I’ll give you the quick, quick rundown. So I grew up an entrepreneur, really a software engineer, just always building stuff for people. And then I ended up building out a software development agency. And I grew that to several million dollars. And we were Inc magazine’s fastest growing companies. And I ended up selling that company. And it was really after that, that I looked back and I was just thinking about how how that was built out. And it was it was largely built out on you know, obviously doing good work, but also in with content innovating. You know, writing blogs, thought leadership, blogs, putting our opinion out in the in the workplace. And then I also just started seeing, I started doing more research on how companies were getting built in the modern era. And you just see all this stuff with social media and video. And so I really got and, you know, just marketing in general, like how do you how do you market yourself? Like, how do you position yourself. So some of these things are like old school, like, you know, positioning, marketing fundamentals haven’t changed. It’s just kind of like how it actually gets executed now. And so I just started doing a bunch of like, research number one, I had always been afraid of getting on video myself, the public speaking those kinds of things. And so I did make the commitment that I was going to figure out how to get on video. And so that, you know, I started posting some videos on LinkedIn, completely scared out of my mind,