Tim Ash is an international keynote speaker on evolutionary psychology and digital marketing, an author, and a marketing advisor. He is the author of Unleash The Primal Brain and the bestselling author of Landing Page Optimization. Tim is also the Founder of SiteTuners, a strategic conversion rate optimization agency. 

As a thought leader, he has been mentioned by Forbes as a Top-10 Online Marketing Expert and by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top-15 Online Marketing Influencers To Watch. Tim is the Founder and former Chairperson of the worldwide Digital Growth Unleashed conference series and the former online voice of website improvement as the host of the Landing Page Optimization Podcast on WebmasterRadio.fm. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [7:20] Tim Ash shares his career journey in evolutionary psychology and digital marketing
  • [10:04] Leveraging primal instincts in digital advertising
  • [18:01] What is the big lie of decision-making?
  • [22:51] How to promote services using the SPIN (situation, problem, implication, need payoff) method
  • [26:57] The importance of understanding your audience when creating marketing campaigns
  • [35:17] Strategies for identifying with a target audience 
  • [38:41] The power and purpose of storytelling
  • [45:42] Encouraging people to change their behavior
  • [50:56] Tim discusses his book Unleash Your Primal Brain

In this episode…

When it comes to digital marketing, B2B and B2C companies often need more effective engagement tactics and struggle to influence their target audience. So how can you create a marketing campaign that empathizes with your ideal consumers?

Digital marketing expert Tim Ash affirms that there are no rational decisions regarding customers’ buying habits. When creating a campaign, it’s crucial to identify and leverage the emotional component of each decision to reach your audience successfully. Once you understand specific motivations, you can structure your service or product around a key problem exclusive to a particular demographic, communicate the resulting adverse consequences, and present a viable solution.

Tune in to this rebroadcast of What The Teck?, as Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly host Tim Ash, author of Unleash Your Primal Brain, to discuss leveraging primal instincts to enhance your marketing campaign. Tim explains the big lie of decision-making, the importance of understanding your audience when developing marketing campaigns, and the power and purpose of storytelling.

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Episode Transcript:

Intro 0:00

Welcome to the What The Teck? podcast where we talk about business and Office Technology and put our 20 years of expertise to discussing trends and issues impacting the workplace

Rolando Rosas 0:17

If you saw this, how would you react? Well, author Tim Ash is here to explain why your customers primal brain as I’m running out of breath is hard at work on your customers preferences, roll the intro Maestro. Is it okay to come out? Is it gone? My producers telling me in my ear that that line got put back into the wild where he belongs. Chasing gazelles, welcome back to What The Teck?, I’m your host, Rolando Rosas, the founder of Global Teck Worldwide. And I’m glad you joined me today, because we’ve got some really good stuff in store for you. And if you haven’t watched What The Teck? before, we put our 20 years of Office technology expertise to work for you. And we also talked to business influencers that are shaping the landscape and information that you need to know. So helping me along this Wild Kingdom today is somebody that joins me at this hour on Tuesdays when we go live. His name is the one and only Dave Kelly.

Dave Kelly 1:59

Listen, when I’ve heard people say theoretically, it’s a jungle out there. Man, you really do have a jungle over there.

Rolando Rosas 2:09

I had to get to us to go round them up. Take them, take them back out in the yard there and let go. Let them go chase some deer we have a lot of deer at where I live. So you can go do some a little bit population control will be in better shape.

Dave Kelly 2:23

You know, that would be a very scary thing to know that we aren’t at the top of the food chain in our own neighborhood having a lion running around.

Rolando Rosas 2:33

There are no predators around here. Here in Northern Virginia, there’s so many state national parks there’s and there’s a bunch of federal buildings a couple of miles here and there. A lot of land is restricted. So these dishers run wild all over the place here, we’ve got the border of the river, we could talk all day about that. But anywho today’s guest Tim Ash talking about the primal brain, Dave, I am so fascinated about the brain and did a little bit of psychology study in college. So I’m really looking forward to hearing Tim and what he’s got to say, especially on how we can apply that to customer behavior, and how we can actually use some techniques and tips. And you want to stick around to the end, where Tim is going to talk about the big lie, not the one that you’re thinking of. But the big lie that we’re all stuck with in believing when it comes to our behavior in our brain. So Dave, I am fascinated and can’t wait till he tells us a little bit more about that. Plus some other secrets regarding the primal brain that we may not have. It’s not common knowledge, but it’s documented studies and a bunch of stuff that he said to me over the years that he actually puts the apply with businesses, ecommerce brands and all that. So let’s get right to him. Dave, let’s not let’s not mess around. Right get Tim Ash. He is a keynote speaker. And Tim Ash has been around the world. He is a highly sought after author and speaker when it comes to the topic of of neuro marketing. And he will break down what we’re going to hear today but let me tell you a little bit about Tim. Tim in his acknowledged authority on evolutionary psychology and digital marketing. That’s where I got to meet him at a prosper show a couple of years ago in Vegas, talking about digital marketing. And he is a sought after international keynote speaker as I mentioned and is the best selling author. Kudos to his title Best Selling Author of Unleash Your Primal Brain, as well as landing page optimization. That’s how I found out about him because he has a lot of stuff a lot of numbers when it comes to landing page optimization and then taking these two things together. If you’re trying to market something online, you definitely want to pay attention. Lastly, let me tell you that Tim has been mentioned by Forbes as a top 10 online marketing expert, as well as by Entrepreneur Magazine as an online marketing influencer to watch and that’s why we’ve got him here on the podcast today. Let me bring out of the back room hopefully no lions chasing him around. Tim Ash.

Tim Ash 5:18

Actually, that was almost like a custom intro for me because I’m a Leo so Oh, yeah, lions are my people. Oh my goodness, great pride in that. Okay. I think I’d better stop with the puns.

Rolando Rosas 5:32

Hey, before we go any further, Dave, are you hearing Tim? Okay, or do you hear him soft? I’m hearing to me to him and just a touch soft.

Dave Kelly 5:38

Yeah, Tim, you might be a little low. But

Tim Ash 5:42

I hopefully this is better. And I can always be louder. That’s No, no,

Rolando Rosas 5:45

No, that’s that’s good. That’s good. Yeah, you were just just sounding just a little soft to me. But yeah, you know, I did not know which clip we’re gonna run. We have. You had a good doesn’t have them. That was one of the takes. And our producer already ran with it. He did a great job. So Ori. Kudos to you. So, Tim, glad that you can be with us today. Where are you joining us from today?

Tim Ash 6:11

From San Diego, California, where yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny. Today it’s raining a little bit. But you know, it’s a brutal San Diego winter. What can I say? 

Rolando Rosas 6:21

Oh my goodness. We’re out here on the East Coast suffering. We won’t see any relief man. They say a couple of days. It’ll be in the 50s. So I’m hoping that’s and that’s warm for right? 

Tim Ash 6:32

Well, I’ve paid my dues. I was born in Moscow, Russia lived in Albany, New York and Ann Arbor, Michigan. So I’m not here by accident. That was a very deliberate.

Rolando Rosas 6:44

Yeah. Well, Tim, you know, I gave I gave this folks a little bit on who you are, what you’ve done. But tell us a little bit about your journey, how you got here. I know you and I met a couple years ago in Vegas. And now you’ve got this unbelievable book talking about the primal brain, and how businesses can really digest that, and essentially, crank their marketing to 10. And with some of these research and studies you’ve found through the years, and how we can use that, but tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey. So our focus and understand who you are and what you’re doing.