Nick Gezzar is an independent brand consultant who owns Gezzar Consulting LLC. As a versatile business leader, he has over 10 years of experience leading people and projects in retail, marketing, advertising, and intelligence. Nick has worked for leading brands like Amazon, Lindt, Procter & Gamble, and The Hershey Company.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [0:00] Rolando Rosas introduces former Amazon insider Nick Gezzar
  • [1:49] Why Amazon brands need to invest in sponsored ads
  • [3:48] Nick breaks down the types of sponsored ads on Amazon
  • [6:20] The relationship between sponsored products and organic search results
  • [9:10] How sponsored ads can enhance brand visibility 
  • [12:05] What factors influence Amazon’s search algorithm?
  • [19:01] Monitoring Amazon Ads spend for profitability 

In this episode…

90% of shoppers never venture beyond the first page of search results, so gaining immediate visibility is crucial for Amazon brands. How can you ensure your products make it onto the first page while maintaining profitability?

With deep insights into Amazon’s search algorithms, Nick Gezzar says that sponsored ads are foundational to a brand’s visibility on the platform. He suggests beginning with sponsored products to establish a solid framework for your ad strategy before gradually implementing sponsored brands and display ads for broader exposure. While running campaigns, you can target misspelled versions of common keywords to capitalize on consumer search behavior and attract additional traffic at a lower cost, ensuring first-page visibility. By allocating your budget equally between sponsored products, brands, and display ads, you can maximize coverage and profitability.

Today on What The Teck?, Rolando Rosas chats with two-time guest Nick Gezzar of Gezzar Consulting LLC about the new age of Amazon advertising. Nick shares the intricacies of Amazon’s search algorithms, why sponsored ads are mandatory, and how sponsored ads boost organic search results.

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Quotable Moments:

  • “Sponsored products are not really optional for Amazon sellers anymore. You have to invest.”
  • “The better you’re doing in sponsored ads, the better you’re also going to do organically.”
  • “It’s your responsibility as the business owner to ensure your Amazon ad spend makes financial sense.”
  • “Fighting for information is key with Amazon ads; go in, spend money, see what works, optimize from there.”
  • “You have to be profits-obsessed because nobody else will be.”

Action Steps:

  1. Focus primarily on sponsored products when starting your Amazon ad campaign, as they are foundational to your visibility on the platform: This is effective because sponsored products are the bare minimum for relevance on Amazon, and focusing on them first can establish a solid groundwork for your ad strategy.
  2. Utilize auto campaigns to gather valuable data on which keywords and products are performing well before transitioning to more targeted manual campaigns: Gathering this data through auto campaigns allows you to understand consumer behavior and optimize your ads accordingly.
  3. Analyze your advertising cost of sale (ACoS) regularly to ensure that your ad spend aligns with your profit margins: Regular ACoS analysis ensures you don’t overspend on ads and your campaigns remain profitable.
  4. Consider the implications of misspellings and search behavior optimizations in your keyword strategy: Targeting misspelled versions of keywords can attract additional traffic at a lower cost.
  5. Scale up to sponsored brands and sponsored display ads once you’ve mastered sponsored products and need wider brand exposure: Gradually incorporating these ad types into your strategy can further boost sales and brand recognition, following Nick Gezzar’s recommendation of a 60-30-10 budget split.

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Episode Transcript:

Rolando Rosas 0:00

I don’t think a lot of people know 90% of shoppers never get past page one.

Intro 0:05

That’s true. That’s why sponsored products matters. So much relevance is going to keep declining, the further down you scroll. That’s like walking into a physical store, the things at the front of the aisle are always gonna sell better than the stuff in the middle Nick Gezzar home a Senior Account Executive at Amazon and military intelligence officer. I think sellers with the right Intel for a profitable strategy with Amazon sponsored ads are things you got to really know is ads is not really an optional part of the equation anymore. Why is that there was a term you have the army to fight for information. That’s kind of what you’re doing here, go in, spend some money, see what works optimize from there.

Rolando Rosas 0:44

And Amazon sellers getting started, where would you say the first place to go to sponsor products

Nick Gezzar 0:50

is table stakes. If you are going to be on Amazon, this is the bare minimum that you need to do to be relevant. There’s

Rolando Rosas 0:57

some people that say you cannibalize your organic find to be the number one sponsor, what’s your opinion,

Nick Gezzar 1:04

they call it the mere exposure effect in marketing. What that does is it makes your brand appear more popular, something that I would advise every seller at Amazon to have.

Rolando Rosas 1:22

Welcome to a special series on how to be a better Amazon seller. And today I have Nick Gezzar, former Amazon employee, super, super smart guy, very involved on the ad side for Amazon who’s going to share some knowledge and secrets on how to be a better Amazon seller, and more importantly, how to use your resources so that you get the best out of ads. Nick, what’s going on man?

Nick Gezzar 1:49

Doing all right, man. You know, one thing I wanted to add, I got to work at Amazon, both on the retail side and the ad side. So not only did I get to become really an expert on ads, but also to see how it really affects you in the retail sense. And if you’re a new seller on on Amazon, one of the things you got to really know is ads is not really an optional part of the equation anymore. Why is that? Well, when people go into the search bar and look for a category that your product is in, they need to be able to find you. And that’s going to come from investing in things like sponsored products, sponsored brands, and sponsored display your fingers in frame here, those new things make up the family of ads that we call us sponsored ads, Amazon ads is they don’t get the credit that a lot of other online advertisers do. They do everything from the sponsored search on All the way up to Thursday night football ads. If you have a six to seven figure budget, Thursday, football might be on the menu for you. But really, the meat and potatoes of it all comes down to sponsored ads,

Rolando Rosas 2:57

let’s put some things into the mix, especially for those Amazon sellers, whether they’re at the beginning of their Amazon journey. Or even further along. You know, there’s a lot of mixed signals when it comes to ADS, whether you’re trying to use it to launch a campaign, or launch a product, sustain a product or grow it organically, as well as using as a method to help boost keywords. Now, I want you to just explain for our audience, no matter where they are in their journey. How does Amazon view ads from the standpoint of it being a tool that then points to the best products or whoever pays the most talk a little bit about the mindset of why Amazon ads and the role he plays within Amazon so that it can surface products that

Nick Gezzar 3:48

are relevant. So when you really have two distinct and parallel systems that do actually touch, on the one hand, you have the Amazon search algorithm, and that’s just what’s going to come up organically. If you type for example toaster into the search bar, you’ll get presented with some options for toasters. What you’ll see when you type it in, is that at the very top, you’ll have sponsored products. So you might see an asin that Amazon talk for a unique item that will be brought in asin level showing up first in the results, a little tag that says sponsored. That’s a sponsored product that at the very top of your search results, you’re gonna see a brand. I’m unfortunately not a toaster, I KitchenAid. You may see KitchenAid show up at the very top of the banner that has their logo, a number of ASINs to really be like, hey KitchenAid must be the best toasters. And then off of the search, you have some sponsored display that’ll show up for those

Rolando Rosas 4:45

folks that are watching us. Let’s use the ability to have the visuals on screen while you’re talking. Let’s use that as our our example. KitchenAid. All right, I’m just typing in KitchenAid and boom, here’s what gets presented.

Nick Gezzar 4:59

So First thing I’m gonna show up is KitchenAid products because your cert, you’re doing a branded search there. So obviously they bid on that. So what you see right there, that’s a sponsored brands ad, at the very top, they obviously one that did, it shows their brand, and they get a nice little picture in there. And I think that’s a mixer, and then three of their ASINs. And even get those little tags that one of the right best seller. Those tags that show up on a detail page will also appear on there. It’s pretty great. I

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