James Orsini

James Orsini is the President of The Sasha Group, a VaynerX company helping businesses execute brand-building strategies. He works alongside Gary Vaynerchuk and was the Chief Operating Officer at VaynerMedia, one of the largest independent social media and digital advertising agencies. With 30 years of experience in social media, advertising, brand management, public relations, and Wall Street businesses, James has served as a CEO and CPA.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [0:00] Introducing James Orsini: a seasoned executive sharing digital media trends
  • [6:51] How VaynerMedia and The Sasha Group approach hybrid and remote work
  • [10:23] Tactics for structuring business growth and operations
  • [16:36] The conveniences and limitations of AI for business
  • [21:36] James talks about how he executed Gary Vaynerchuk’s (aka Gary Vee) vision
  • [28:51] Embracing and leveraging digital media trends to scale effectively
  • [35:44] Social media and e-commerce as the future of business and consumerism
  • [44:40] James shares Gary Vee’s scaling process

In this episode…

With the digital media industry advancing faster than businesses can manage, many enter a hyper-growth phase to keep pace, scaling revenue while sacrificing profits. This occurs when companies build unsustainable operational models and leverage too many trends simultaneously. Learn the secret to healthy scaling from Gary Vaynerchuk’s (aka Gary Vee) trusted executive.

As the integrator behind some of Gary Vee’s most profitable business models, James Orsini asserts that businesses can either swell — where excess resources cause them to collapse — or establish an incremental year-over-year growth framework. Meeting demand challenges and capitalizing on profitable trends requires navigating the integration of e-commerce and social media. Having observed Gary, James notes that creating consistent content on your customers’ most frequented channels is crucial. To avoid inventory surpluses or shortages, consider pre-selling your products to assess orders for manufacturing.

In this installment of What The Teck? Rolando Rosas and Dave Kelly welcome special guest James Orsini, the President of The Sasha Group, to chat about incremental growth in a fluctuating digital landscape. James shares the benefits and drawbacks of AI for businesses, Gary Vee’s approach to hybrid and remote work, and how social media and e-commerce drive consumerism.

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Episode Transcript:

Rolando Rosas 0:00

Can you lean into that and talk about that conversation you had with Gary of what that conversation sounds? Yeah. So

James Orsini 0:04

it was at a dinner, he had a pretty clear vision, hey, I want to build a $500 million independent integrated international communications company, you’ve made 25 years of mistakes that I don’t want to make helped me avoid the potholes and move faster. And then he said to me, can you describe what you’re doing a single sentence? And I said, Yeah, I take dreams and visions and turn them into action plans. Right, your higher vision,

Rolando Rosas 0:26

if you’re looking at what’s going on at Twitter, now known x given what is happening right now, what do you think’s going to happen in 2020?

James Orsini 0:34

Forward? I’m a big believer Twitter, I love the platform. I use it often. I still get my news, my real time stuff. The good news is is a lot of different platforms. And Gary talks about underpriced attention. And we’re not married to any one platform, we go to where the underpriced attention is, if Twitter goes away tomorrow, or x goes away, tomorrow, we’re gonna find another place where the attention is.

Rolando Rosas 1:05

Welcome to What The Teck? your gateway to business strategies and tech secrets, shaping today’s workplace. You know what, Dave, what do you think about the fact that today as a thumbnail artist, you can make upwards of 300k, which is nearly as much as what doctors if not more in some some parts of the country as well as corporate leaders 300,000

Dave Kelly 1:28

salary for creating thumbnails? Well, I guess I would say thumbnails are a very important part of this digital media landscape. But also, with the introduction of AI getting better and better every day, is it most important to know how to do the thumbnail are most important to understand how to create the best prop within AI to then create the best, I don’t know, I’m kind of torn on it, I’d say save your money, if you’re able to earn back some of that cash, save it now hate to hate to get replaced by a robot, we’re

Rolando Rosas 1:58

going to be talking to somebody that’s at the forefront when it comes to the media landscape and understanding those trends. And he certainly is one that has a finger on the pulse me he works with somebody that I would say is probably the smartest guy right now with what’s happening in the content creation world within Media within paid media advising companies on media strategy and growth. So I’m looking forward to this discussion, because Sure, he’s got 30 year olds, 40 year olds than 5060, you know, the whole range that worked for his organization that, you know, I’m sure they’re not cheap. sure that he’s probably aware of this trend as well. You know, Dave, we probably and we probably went into the wrong majors in college. You know, I majored in business. And I remember I used to, I used to laugh a little bit at the guys at the liberal arts school that I went to that were art majors, because as I was thinking, you know, there aren’t a lot of places for art majors to go to. But who has the left last left now? 300k? Man? Yeah,

Dave Kelly 2:57

that’s a lot of cash. You know, I’d like to also pick his brain and get his take on just college today. How important is a college degree? If it’s if you’re able to kind of sit down behind your computer and teach yourself and learn thumbnails best execution and demand such a high salary? Do you have to go to college to learn that?

Rolando Rosas 3:13

I guess you don’t? I guess you don’t, I guess we’ll find out. You know, I’m really honored to have James on today. And then you know what, maybe we should get into his bio so we can bring him on. But before we bring him on, I want to give big props to our last guest professor and economist, as well as researcher out of Sanford Nick Bloom. Nick, thanks for coming on. He shared so much on what’s going on with the work from home hybrid and the facts around how hybrid work and remote work is positively impacting the planet. He shared all kinds of information where things are going trends and commercial real estate. And so I want to give big props to Nick love to have you on again, such a wealth of information. So Nick, I’m gonna do this. All right, let’s do a formal introduction for our guest, Mr. James Orsini. James is the president of The Sasha Group, a VaynerX company. He’s a seasoned leader with over 35 years of experience in the finance and operations as well as marketing and communications industry. He’s a key player in the success of VaynerMedia. As you know, VaynerMedia is owned by the very famous Mr. Vaynerchuk I also known as Gary Vee, James played a crucial role in managing the agency for success. He’s also the CEO and former board member of Seto mobile Ltd. James is an accomplished author having penned business articles such as the agency of the future and let leaders lead and practitioners practice and he’s been on over 50 podcast oh my goodness in such podcast such a second in command and self made. Let me tell you that before joining The Sasha Group, James held significant roles that Saatchi and Saatchi Interbrand, North America KPMG and Goldman is extensive experience includes financial leadership at Saatchi, where he served as CFO of the International Public Relations Division and later the B and B advertising unit. His academic success is unparalleled. Dave I envy him because he was magna cum laude graduate from Seton Hall. Man, I wish I could have just even half half of what he did there. And James holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is a licensed New York State certified public accountant beyond his professional achievements. He actively contributes to charitable organizations serving as a board member or renovation house of Jersey in New York and playing key roles in Seton Hall University Initiatives. Let’s welcome to the podcast, Mr. James Orsini.

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