The Amazon Transparency Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to safeguard brands and customers from counterfeit products within the Amazon marketplace. Using unique Transparency codes assigned to each unit, the program provides a robust system for verifying product authenticity. Brands enroll in the program and receive these codes to affix to their products’ packaging. Customers can then easily verify the authenticity of their purchases by scanning the Transparency codes using the Amazon app. This proactive approach protects brands from reputational damage and enhances customer trust by ensuring they receive genuine products.

1. Availability

Transparency operates globally, covering various countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, ensuring a broad reach for brand protection against counterfeits.

2. Amazon-Issued Codes

Each product receives a unique Transparency code generated by Amazon, serving as a seal of authenticity, with codes meticulously managed to prevent duplication.

3. Using Own Serial Numbers

Brands meeting eligibility criteria can utilize their serial numbers, offering flexibility in enrollment while ensuring adherence to Transparency’s standards.

4. Protection in Fulfillment Centers

Amazon scans Transparency codes in its fulfillment centers, rigorously verifying product authenticity to intercept counterfeit items before they reach customers.

5. Verification for Seller-Fulfilled Orders

Sellers are required to provide Transparency codes for every unit they fulfill, maintaining authenticity and trust throughout the selling process.

6. Customer Verification

Customers can easily verify product authenticity by scanning Transparency codes using the Amazon app, fostering confidence in their purchases.

7. Preventing Incorrect Listings

Transparency ensures that only authentic products meeting brand specifications are listed and shipped, minimizing discrepancies and enhancing customer satisfaction.

8. Global Enrollment

Enrolling in Transparency offers global protection, with Transparency codes valid worldwide, simplifying international brand management and protection efforts.

9. Monitoring Effectiveness

Brand Reports provide valuable insights into Transparency’s impact, allowing brands to track prevented units and identify counterfeit activities effectively.

10. Cost of Transparency Codes

Brands incur costs for Transparency codes but benefit from volume-based discounts and no enrollment fees, making it a cost-effective solution for brand protection.

11. Benefits for Brands with Own Codes

Brands using their serial codes enjoy core Transparency benefits while retaining control over their codes, balancing autonomy with brand protection.

12. Selective Enrollment

Brands can choose which products to enroll in Transparency, tailoring protection efforts to their specific product lines and priorities.

13. Consumer Support

Transparency offers accessible consumer support through the Transparency app or Amazon Shopping app, ensuring assistance is readily available for inquiries or concerns.

The Amazon Transparency Program is a vital tool in the fight against counterfeit products, offering both brands and customers peace of mind in their online transactions. The program upholds the integrity of the Amazon marketplace by providing a transparent and verifiable system for authenticating products. As brands continue to enroll and customers become increasingly aware of this protective measure, the program’s effectiveness in maintaining trust and authenticity is poised to grow, fostering a safer and more reliable shopping experience.


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